Branching Out To All Aspects Of Landscape Design                                                                                                                   

Branching Out To All Aspects Of
     Landscape Design  



 What are the advantages to outsourcing your landscape plans to
                                                                             Lynnscape Design, LLC?


Every landscape company is faced with a different set of design needs. You may fit into one or more of the following categories…


  • You have a full time designer but during the peak season you are stretched too thin and need additional assistance.

  • You’re the owner of the company and currently draw your own landscape plans.  Your business is growing and your time is more valuable handling the daily operations.

  • Your current designs look “ok” but you realize the importance of a well-crafted colored plan that could separate you from your competition…better known as the “wow” factor.  

Did you fit into one of the above categories?  Maybe you have a different set of circumstances that have you entertaining outsourcing your design work. 

 If you have any reservations, please read the following…


 Lynnscape Design, LLC is owned by an award winning Landscape Designer/Horticulturalist  with over 17 years in the Green Industry.  There are no limitations to what can be designed, from the most complicated hardscapes to a simple perennial garden; we are here to assist you in all of your design needs. 


If outsourcing feels like a financial burden, please consider the expenses you will inherit when you hire on a designer…


  •     Designer’s salary
  •     Health Care
  •     Payroll and unemployment taxes
  •     Vacation/Holiday pay
  •     Overtime
  •     Workers compensation
  •     Company Vehicle/fuel
  •     Office supplies such as computer/large format printer/paper/ink
  •     Continuing education/seminars
  •     Cell Phone
  •        And more...


With Lynnscape Design, LLC there is no need to worry about the above costs because they are all factored into our hourly rate.  You can feel comfortable knowing that you will be working with an accomplished designer that will assist you in fulfilling your landscape visions.
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