Branching Out To All Aspects Of Landscape Design                                                                                                                   

Branching Out To All Aspects Of
     Landscape Design  


About Us

                                                                      EXPERIENCE: 20 years

I started working in the field as a  laborer in 1994 for a landscape maintenance company.  While  working  full time
in the field I started attending MATC to obtain my Associates Degree in Landscape Horticulture/Design.  In 1997 I became  a ISA Certified Arborist and continued working in the industry as a Tree Care Specialist .  In 2001 I teamed up with another reputable landscape firm and  quickly went from  designing small landscape renovation projects to complex, award winning landscape designs.


The past 20 years in the Green Industry have been amazing and I’m excited for the  future.  My education and experience  has allowed me to advance in an industry that is continuously evolving.  I’m always looking for new challenges.
I love creating landscapes that reflect my client’s lifestyle and personal interests.  One of the most gratifying elements of my profession is seeing a plan I created with a clients input come to life through the installation process. I take tremendous pride in my communication skills and feel it is the key to a successful project. 


    ALL ASPECTS OF                                                         LANDSCAPE DESIGN

The “Lynnscape Design” tree represents not only my first love in this industry, which is tree care, but also the diverse experiences (“branching out”) I have  encountered along the way.  In every landscape plan, I strive to not only incorporate my clients ideas, but implement my own experiences to develop a design that is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

Allow me to inspire you...the only limitation to creativity is a closed mind.

    Create an environment that nature flocks to.
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